Professional geospatial services


Key accomplishments in GDAL/OGR

Design and implementation of many features in the GDAL/OGR core:

Reverse engineering of ESRI FileGDB format

Writing of new GDAL (Raster) Drivers :

Significant enhancements to the following GDAL drivers :

Writing of new OGR (Vector) Drivers :

Significant enhancements to the following OGR drivers :

Maintainer of the Python and Java bindings, and the documentation of the latter one.

Thousands of security fixes.

Code review and integration of the following drivers:

Key accomplishments in PROJ

Key accomplishments in MapServer

Key accomplishments in QGIS

Key accomplishments in OpenJPEG library (JPEG2000 library)

Other projects

"SecComp Launcher", an executable that can help handling securely data from untrusted sources.