Professional geospatial services


Key accomplishments in GDAL/OGR

Design and implementation of many features in the GDAL/OGR core:

Reverse engineering of ESRI FileGDB format

Writing of new GDAL (Raster) Drivers :

Significant enhancements to the following GDAL drivers :

Writing of new OGR (Vector) Drivers :

Significant enhancements to the following OGR drivers :

Maintainer of the Python and Java bindings, and the documentation of the latter one.

Hundreds of security fixes.

Code review and integration of the following drivers:

Key accomplishments in MapServer

Key accomplishments in QGIS

Key accomplishments in OpenJPEG library (JPEG2000 library)

Other projects

"SecComp Launcher", an executable that can help handling securely data from untrusted sources.